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So, I’m reading an article about gender roles on Dancing with the Stars and I learn that Penn Jillette made a foot-binding joke?

Dude, the first part of foot binding — and the part that makes the feet smaller — is to break the bones of the foot so they can be folded over into a smaller shape. Then comes the binding, which keeps the bones from healing.

So. No. Not funny.


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Fast-moving stories

So I saw the news that NBC was suing to keep Project Runway on Bravo before hearing that Lifetime had snatched up the series. I hate it when I learn about a story through the follow-up.

Meanwhile, the Project Runway moves to Lifetime thing sounds like a late April Fools joke. I know Lifetime is trying to get hipper but stealing another network’s hit show makes you seem desperate, not innovative. (Now stealing another network’s struggling-but-critically-acclaimed show, that makes you seem visionary.) It’s even worse when the show you’re poaching is so heavily tied to the other network’s brand identity.

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A spoiler-free review of the fourth season Doctor Who premiere has me counting down the days until April 25 even more… though judging from the preview I saw online, I’ll need the close captioning to understand Catherine Tate.

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Same here…

Nat Gertler wonders why Fred Savage‘s first post-Wonder Years sitcom, Working, hasn’t gotten a DVD release considering the success of The Office. I’ve been thinking the same thing.

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I always thought Degrassi;’s Lauren Collins made me think of another actress but I didn’t realize who until this inspired bit of casting — she’ll be playing Nicole Sullivan‘s sister on an upcoming Lifetime series, Rita Rocks;.

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