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People who don’t know how to use their TiVo, evidently.

The question, “Who’s watching The Jay Leno Show live?

TiVo reports that for the first two weeks of the season, less than half of Leno’s audience (46 percent) opted to view the show in time-shifted mode in homes with TiVo DVRs. By comparison, 70 percent of the audiences tuning into NBC shows between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. last season did so in time-shifted mode.

When NBC tried to pitch Leno as “DVR proof” I scoffed, thinking, “If you feel the need to be able to discuss Jay at the water cooler, you can just start watching at 10:15, skip all the commercials and finish watching the show the same time as the rest of your time zone.” So far, it’s looking like I was wrong in that assessment.


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