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Battle of the sitcom bands

In an interesting bit of synergy this week, we had two sitcoms put out a silly song on the web.

On How I Met Your Mother, Marshall’s ode to his double date with Barrobin got another joke website out out there to join the likes of Canadian Sex Acts and Slap Bet Countdown (sadly both sites seem to have disappeared).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Too bad there isn’t a longer version of Marshall’s song about accidentally killing his mother-in-law’s cat.

Meanwhile, on Modern Family Haley’s boyfriend was on the verge of winning over her parents until they heard his song “In the Moonlight”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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So long Fox Reality Channel

My first reaction to the news that the Fox Reality Channel will be shut down was snark. After all, the best thing the channel gave us in five years were reruns of The Mole and The Search for the Next Elvira while also subjecting the world to shows like Battle of the Bods, the transphobic There’s Something About Miriam and Smile… You’re Under Arrest. It’s almost as if the network were designed to make the Fox network’s reality shows look classy by comparison.

However, after some thought I realized that there was a real missed potential to the network. Instead of filling its schedule with repeats of US reality shows, the network should have aired more imports and positioned itself as the way to deal with withdrawal from your favorite reality franchise.

Can’t wait for the next Project Runway season? Then check out Project Catwalk, the UK version, until the new season begins. Let down to see America’s Next Top Model crown a winner and wrap up the cycle? Hold yourself with a season of Canada’s Next Top Model.

Imports should have made for fairly cheap programming while being something that could be promoted as original programming. Additionally, those imports would have played off of the brand identity of the US edition.

The channel’s Wikipedia entry says the show aired some international editions, but since that was the first I heard of it I’m guessing they never promoted these shows effectively. Maybe another media company could consider such a venture.

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